Posted by: Rudolph Cini | 25 February 2009

The Campaign Launch: Trust, Balance and Responsibility

A healthy and strong voice in Europe

Europe is all about 27 countries working together , it is about having an intercultural dialogue that will build a stronger and sustainable society; the economic downturn that has hit most countries can be overcome if there is a single frame of mind that is inclusive and socially acceptable.

“Europe is made up of People”. This is the way in which Rudolph Cini described his decision to contest the EP elections in June under the Nationalist Party as part of the largest group in this institution – the EPP. Rudolph Cini, a dedicated family man, a member of the medical team that ensures our well being and an experienced trade unionist, was speaking at the campaign launch on Saturday 7th February at a hotel in St. Julian’s. Rudolph is a person who is well known as a trade unionist, he is still very much involved at an international level within his own Profession – the Nurses and Midwifes’ sector within the Medical Services. Working in this sector has made him develop qualities such as: Trust, balance and responsibility. Anyone who has needed to seek medical attention at any one of the many clinics and hospitals in these islands, including the new state-of-the-art general hospital at Tal-Qroqq, can confirm the dedication and dexterity with which the staff carry out their jobs. We place our complete trust in the staff, we believe in their competence and we know that we are in the hands of responsible professionals.

It is little wonder, therefore, that Rudolph’s election campaign will be based on these three catchphrases : Trust, Responsibility and Balance as well as a slogan that expresses a healthy society and a strong socio-economic structure and all these can be made even stronger through a firm and clear vision of the opportunities that European Union membership can bring to any member state, particularly, to a small island state such as Malta and Gozo.

Campaign launch - 7 February 2009

Campaign launch - 7 February 2009

The European Parliament has the responsibility of ensuring that we all enjoy a decent quality of life that is based on human dignity, the principles of social welfare and economic wellbeing. Throughout the last five years since the Maltese islands joined the EU, it has been very apparent that we have benefitted both in infrastructural developments, in job opportunities, in education and in health. Five years ago we had an opposition party which was against the idea of EU membership, we had a political party that preferred the loose idea of a partnership rather than full membership, we had a leader of the second largest party in these islands who, during his term as Prime Minister, declared a “Freeze” on EU membership talks and this brought uncertainty. Today we have a situation where we all accept EU membership. We have a situation where the majority or MEPs from Malta and Gozo are represented by the Socialists, we have a situation as well where a number of sensitive issues were discussed and supported by the Nationalist MEPs as part of the EPP. Perhaps it is not so coincidental that we have a minority representation at the EP for Malta and Gozo which is making the most effective impact, after all it is this representation which comes from a political party that has always supported and believed in Europe since 1986 and put, as one of its first electoral priorities, the application of the islands to join as full members after it was elected to Government in 1987!

Campaign launch - 7 February 2009

Campaign launch - 7 February 2009

The EP is not about politics but it about subsidiarity, about sharing and living together as Europeans and nations within a diverse and colourful intercultural environment. Rudolph Cini can continue in the role of a caring and balanced voice in Europe, a strong protégé of the Maltese and Gozitan island states through responsibility and trust. We are a nation with tradition, identity and character and we have a place in Europe as Maltese.

On the 9th June make sure that Malta and Gozo continue to enjoy the full benefits of EU membership, cast your vote for those candidates who believe that our future as a nation are inextricably linked to EU synergies and principles. Rudolph Cini can make a difference through his core skills of listening, negotiating and power of persuasion – three essential elements for creating a win-win situation, but above all, through trust, responsibility and balance the guarantee of an honest and sincere voice in Brussels will thrive and grow even stronger bringing with it greater benefits for us in Malta and Gozo.


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