A Clear Commitment

A Clear Commitment

It is crystal clear that the new Government being lead by Prim Minister Dr. Gonzi is going to bring the real changes. This new legislature is no easy ride as stated by the Prim Minister himself, but as long as we all know our target and as long as we work all together everything is achievable. I congratulate Dr. Gonzi not only for his electoral success but most of all for his leadership skills that will instigate more economic growth and sustain stability which this Country of ours need. The issues that need to be addressed are being cared for as from the very first day of this legislature. A new cabinet was promised, a promise maintained to the full with only one exception, the Ministry of Gozo.

It is in fact a “new beginning”, but under Dr. Gonzi’s administration. This is no surprise as surveys being carried out days before the Election predicted such scenario. Another important factor that all local politicians must take note of and was evident in this election is that the Maltese electorate is using their brains when exerting the right to vote. This brought a paradoxical result were the Country was entrusted to the Nationalist Party led by Dr. Gonzi while the results of the local council elections were once again won by the Malta Labour Party, which elections were held simultaneously with the general Election.

This new beginning brought about a new stimulus for the nursing profession. It was made clear that the commitment to consider the nurses role within the health sector shall be honored. The appointment of Honorable Mr. Mario Galea as Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly and Community Care is a proof in itself. I happen to know Mr. Galea quite well and I am sure that his ideas to improve the quality of care are as those shared by many in the health sector including myself. I am sure that Mr. Galea’s appointment must be considered as a historical achievement for the Maltese Nursing profession as I do not recall that any Maltese nurse has ever been given such a responsibility. Dr. Gonzi acknowledges the declaration of the World Health Organization that Nurses are the back bone of Health Care. Hopefully there will never be a repeat of mistakenly projecting a situation were the problem of nurses shortage was resolved. Hopefully the issues of overcrowding and waiting lists will be addressed. But most of all I sincerely hope that Community Care will be expanded and the services rendered will reduce significantly the work load at Mater Dei Hospital. Community Care is considered as the only way forward to improve the quality of care and this consideration does not only imply for our Country. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) will this year celebrate Nurses Day with the theme ‘Nurses leading Primary Health Care’. This is another proof that enhancing community care is the solution. Given the right environment, a voice and appropriate tools nurses can bring about the needed change in the Health Sector. I am sure Mr. Galea will be the catalyst in this process of change. I wish Mr. Galea all the courage and success.


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