Rudolph Cini was born in 1964 in Fgura and is by profession an Infection Control Nurse.

He has been involved in trade unions and organisations representing workers since the age of seventeen, when he started training to qualify as a State Registered Nurses (SRN). He was a member of the Confederation of Malta Trade Unions Youth section and represented the Maltese youth workers in Strasbourg at a number of conferences. He was also elected treasurer of the Student Nurses Association during its formative years.

When Rudolph qualified as a SRN he was the Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin (UĦM) representative for the health care profession, a role which he occupied for a considerable number of years. During this time he started gathering support to set up a trade union for nurses and midwives, which eventually became the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN), of which he was one of the founders. Rudolph was elected first MUMN president, a post he held for almost 12 years till March 2007. During his presidency of the MUMN, Rudolph was chosen to represent a forum of workers from different strata such as airline pilots, university lecturers, engineers and bank employees, with the aim of forming a Trade Union Council.

In May 2005 Rudolph was elected to the prestigious post of member of the Board of Directors of the International Council of Nurses (ICN), based in Geneva. Membership in this council is limited to only 15 representatives elected from amongst the 130 worldwide associations of nurses affiliated with the ICN. During his term of office which ends in 2009, Rudolph worked hard to convince the ICN to hold its biennial Conference in Malta. As a result, in 2011 Malta will be hosting for the first time an international conference for the nursing profession with the participation of over 3000 international delegates.

For a number of years Rudolph was also the Maltese representative within the European Federation of Nurses (EFN), an organisation based in Brussels with the aim of representing the interests of over a million EU nurses to the European Institutions.

Currently Rudolph is a member of the Council of Nurses and Midwives in Malta, and a full time Infection Control Nurse responsible for Infection Control in all the geriatric set-up within the Health Division.

Rudolph is married to Marthese, also a nurse, and is father to a 16-year-old daughter Jessica.

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